Sunny's english club is not a good place to work;

Sunny’s english club is not a good place to work one of my friends worked for sunny’s english club,and she found sunney( the boss) is a very bad women.and she always cheat 4en teachers and once they are aware of being cheated,sunny is always playing dumb.the pay she offered is about 4000rmb,but never pay my friend on time.and she used to make fake degree for 4en teachers and try to control they work for the agency.Basically,all I’m saying is that sunny’s agency is a trap,don’t jump in..

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  1. BrittishWK says:

    it’s true.. STAY WAY FROM SUNNY’S ENGLISH CLUB… They do not care about anything but making money… Foriengers cannot be happy working for them. Sunny, will just tell you what you want to hear, and when the time comes for you to have a life or even support yourself, you have nothing. When you walk away, they’ll talk about how stupid you are and find ways of using you in any other way that they can! They may help you obtain the documents you need to work for THEM, but you have to pay everything. They help pay nothing! Medical, Residence permit, internet, gas, water, electric… Working for them it’s impossible to save money, have money to do what you want, and when break comes along your stuck with no salary because you make a crappy 50 yuan per class…

  2. Todd says:

    Sunny is friendly to your face. In fact she has a connection in Mian Yang city. The Mian Yang foreign language school has a person with the English name Nature. He will walk into your apartment and steal your things when you are not home. And when you tell Sunny, she just acts like it’s no big deal. If you catch Nature Lee going into your apartment. She will say “that’s just Chinese culture”.

    There was a guy from Winnipeg who taught for them. Nature fired him. And when he tried to go back to Canada. Sunny cancelled out his visa. They didn’t let him leave China at the exit point. It’s funny. Sunny makes you pay for your own resident permits and all that other stuff. But she has the authority to pull your visa if she wants to. Wonderful :-) . Sunny’s english club is the best organization to work for in all of China. I highly recommend it.

  3. Vinh says:

    I have to disagree with some of the points made above.

    My partner and I recently worked in Mianyang with Sunny’s English Club and even though we broke the contract early after one term, we leave with only positive things to say about the recruitment agency.

    We only met Sunny twice, when we arrived she took us out with the other foreign teachers and staff to lunch. It was a great introduction to China.

    We dealt with Nicole who helped us tremendously with the visa process (before we arrived to China) and Brenda who helped us a lot with EVERYTHING else – setting up bank accounts, medical check, getting sim cards, finding our way around Mianyang city, obtaining our residence permit. Everything we asked from them, they managed to help us with. At times there was some trouble with communication but that’s surely to be expected when english is their second language. We once got completely lost after getting off the bus and we called Brenda straight away to help us. That’s the level of service they provide.

    Yes, you will have to pay for medical checks and residence permits, but it’s really nothing in the long run. 400 Yuan for each. When you start working, your day to day expenses are next to nothing!

    Nature Lee at the school on the other hand… is a different sort of character and his communication is quite bad. However don’t let that put you off because you don’t have to deal with him that often. We had no problem with theft at the school.

    In summary, we had a great experience working with Sunny’s English Club and we would recommend it to all our friends.

  4. Kevin says:

    Fuck Sunny, fuck Nicole, and fuck that agency..They never paid me the right amount of money, they put off getting me a work visa until the very last renewal of my tourist visa when I couldn’t renew it anymore..Then during the Chinese New Year (most expensive travel time of the year) they told me my work visa got denied and I had to leave the country or go get a new visa myself. Not to mention all the times they called me at the very last minute to come renew my visa (a 5 hour bus ride)..They will make agreements with you that they have no intention of keeping (I was in debt to them for 3,800RMB because two Chinese guys attacked me and I beat them up, I DIDN’T get caught..The guy that did get caught had to be bailed out of jail by the school and they charged me for it.) They were only supposed to take 1,000RMB a month from me seeing as I only make 4,500 a month..They took the entire 3,800 from me at the same time of telling me I had to leave the country..If it was up to them I would have been homeless, these people don’t care about anyone or anything but money. Knowing how badly I needed money they BEGGED me to take this part time job making me think it would help me, but then when it came time to pay me they said I still owe them money so they were keeping it. Totally heartless people, and arguably criminal professional bait and switch artists…STAY AWAY from them.

  5. Graciela says:

    Well all I have to is I arranged a contract to work with Sunny and I spoke to Sunny ahead of arriving in China and she assured me that there would definitely be someone at the airport to pick me up. And to verify even further I had my boyfriend who lived in China previously and speaks Chinese fluently call her to also guarantee that I will be met at the gate when I arrived at the airport. She reassured my boyfriend that there would definitely be someone to meet me at the airport and to take me from the airport to the hotel where I would be staying. Keep in mind this is my fist time going to China, hence I did’t know the language or anything about the culture. SO….when I arrive at ChongQing airport I was anxiously waiting to see someone holding a sign with my name or someone with a sign of Sunny’s English Club…but alas I was met with a bunch of unfamiliar Chinese faces. I had no way to call her since I did not have a phone that worked in China, and I was not able to connect to the internet to alert anyone that I was stranded. At this time it was around 3 in the morning and I was in panic mode after waiting for about 2 and a half hours and no one showed up. I was about to break down since I was at a complete loss of the language and I didn’t know where to go or what to do, when a struck of luck came my way and a Chinese women must have saw the look on my face approached me in English asking me if I needed help. She so graciously took me to her house and had to wake up her dear family at now approaching 4 in the morning and offered me a place to spend the night. Her family welcomed me and were extremely friendly and kind. It wasn’t till 9 am in the morning that finally I was able to reach Sunny and speak to her to let her know my whereabouts. I still wasn’t able to reach my family to inform them that I arrived safe since I had no access to the internet and they were worried sick about me. Finally when Sunny arrived at this lovely women’s house at around noon to pick me up she informed me that a worker in the hotel was supposed to come and pick me up, but apparently he never showed and he never informed her of this. Well this was just the beginning.

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