E&A College – Qinhuangdao China;

E&A College. Qinhuangdao China I am an American, Teaching English in China. E&A College in Qinhuangdao China has been a pleasure to serve for. Some former English teachers have poor experience because most are just a foreigner employing there vacation for a salary,Losing reality of the English students of E&A, And to me that is terrible But “terrible” covers a multitude of bigger problems that are often thrown up by former teachers who are not disastrous at their job, but just plain mediocre. If “terrible” in this case simply means dull, boring, unengaged, half-hearted, chaotic or hard to understand, then the teacher needs to look ways to be supportive to the students, or re-trained, and encouraged to connect to his or her class. E&A College is a good College to teach at, But some people use different eyes to look at things so results could be a great difference of veiw. So telling an adult what they see is not of importance when I comes to a student The important thing is that the people of China has a different culture background.China is a beautiful country, and she is a rapid developing country. In comparison to some of the developed countries experiencing finiancial and cultural weakness. She still has some problems. But to me the Chinese people are sparkling with hope.And my E&A students and are China`s futures only hope. It is the teachers responsibility to give.

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6 Responses to E&A College – Qinhuangdao China;

  1. JC says:

    I pity your students if that article is representative of your own English ability.

  2. Robert says:

    If the above post was by an “American,” it certainly wasn’t someone who was raised in the U.S. and/or speaks/writes college-level English…and hopefully isn’t really “teaching English.” She should identify herself as a Chinese teacher teaching English, if that is the case. Her views might be valid, but she’s being a bit disingenuous in her comment.

  3. billymillennium says:

    Dont pity my students~Pity yourself~~~~
    All you can write is one sentence????
    I see why your overall teacher score from the students was so low.
    Wm. R, Garman

    Im man enough to post my name~
    And you?………

  4. billymillennium says:

    JC.. thats your name? lol!! pity so many americans financing their lifes in china because their all losers in their homeland, Most of ALL the teachers at E&A and various colleges in northern China are homeless looking yanks talking about how good they are while on the other hand talking down about others. I did enjoy my work in E&A, but the foreign teachers there were al drunks or dopers or just plain losers.OH JC, IM BILLY~~~ its good to be out of china and back into my home in Hong Kong. so all you E&A foreigh teachers can enjoy your life in the poor loser life in china. youll NEVER get a teachig job in my homeland of beautiful HongKong. (Honestly,I hated working in china)

  5. jim of england says:

    yes billy(wild bill) as all us drunks call you.
    we are all a bunch of losers and drunks. Thank you for such a glowing report of all us teachers. i seem to remember that your contract was not renewed , last lear, while ours was. maybe the college thought you were not drunk enough to teach for another year? i dont know.
    I also remember you being quite pissed off about it.

    sour grapes?

    your friend jim
    (you know, the drunk one from england)

  6. Katie says:

    Dear Billy,
    I am an American who is strongly considering teaching there if they offer me a position.
    I really enjoy being in China and have studied and worked there. I am adventurous and want to do well as an English teacher, though not very experienced. Do you think it will be a good environment for me?

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