Shandong Electric Power School;

First I wanted to mention that Shandong, Tiain is a very poor farmer city. I think teachers should do research on the city they are going to teach at as that will represent the situation of the school in most cases. I taught at Shandong Electric Power School, and loved my experience. The staff was very helpful with everything from day one. Refunding my plan ticket, setting up my schedule, showing me around, introducing me to other staff members via a large awesome dinner, making sure I was 100% comfortable. Accommodation was great. I had a place much larger than local Chinese teachers, but at the same time it was not very clean. So I spent the first week cleaning it up, removing stains on the carpet, and purchasing new bed sheets. If you expect to arrive in a CLEAN NEW APARTMENT forget it. Most people in this town live in huts or just very poor conditions, so be grateful to have a nice apartment with running hot water and air conditioning. Yes, students and teachers spit on the floor. That is the culture in China. Obviously the education and high class citizens of Beijing or Shanghai will not spit on the floor, but the lower class or even middle class of small cities or towns or villages will spit every where they go. You don’t like it! Then don’t go to China. Be aware of the culture, traditions and habits of ANY country you visit or teach in beforehand. The citizens of Shandong province are super friendly and accommodating. If you need help with directions, or anything they will gladly help you out. I was invited by complete strangers to dinner to there homes MULTIPLE times during my stay there. On the other hand, I grow up in Ottawa, Canada and have since lived her 26 years, and not once have I been invited by a complete stranger to their home for dinner with the family. Actually people would find that weird, but again that is not our Canadian culture is it! Again, just because people act or do things differently in other countries, doesn’t mean they are Bad. We are invited to their country to teach. Not to judge or complain about how their habits and life styles are WRONG.

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  1. John G. Shaw says:

    I taught EFL /ESL at SEPIS for one year, and found the experience to be a time of growth and accomplishment. The Chinese staff at SEPIS were quite friendly. They made sure I knew where all my classrooms were, and they gave me a good tour of the campus. My students were quite enthusiastic, sometimes a bit too enthusiastic, and we got through all courses with most all of them scoring high marks on their exams, and with their leaving the courses with a much better use of and understanding of the English language than they had when they began. After all was said and done, teaching and learning were the main reasons for being there, and both main goals were accomplished well above average.

    Monthly pay was on time and in full. The apartment I had was a bit worn and faded, but then again, for a person such as myself who has bicycled 37,000 miles (59,000 kilometers) through 19 countries and camped out most nights on tour, shelter is shelter. It was cool in summer and warm in winter. It kept the bugs out. Good enough. I am not a spoiled American.

    The city of Taian was friendly enough. There are plenty of inexpensive restaurants or McDonald’s if you choose.

  2. daCabbie says:

    I taught at this school for a while and had a completely different experience. I am also unaware of who the other people posting here are, beware of frauds. If it smells like roses, look for the manure.

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