This company is located in Beijing. They appear to be a large training center but in fact they are manned by 2 people. They need teachers all over China but in reality only 1 teacher is needed. I personally have been denied my travel allowance by this company and advise others to be cautious.

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  1. Kenneth Stoico says:

    CCIEE has routinely changed their name to avoid any legal problems over the last few years. They have closed several schools because teachers have simply left and never returned. I finished my contract and was never paid my airfare.
    The school also applied for a work visa using a different address and name.
    The owner claims to have connections with the Imigration Dept. and says he has no problems getting a visa. Be Careful!

  2. Amy Chen says:

    I am a former student of Sino-Canada high school in Wujiang, Suzhou. I never graduated with a B.C. diploma since most students who attend never attain a Canadian diploma. I graduated with a Chinese diploma and had a 6.5 score on my IELTS test. The B.C. program is a waste of time and money. I do not recommend anyone to attend this school. The campus is a joke. I am now attending Purdue University. 114 students in my class graduated with a Chinese diploma. Only 14 received a B.C. diploma.

  3. Sino-Canada High School is taking every measure to ensure it’s staff and students a safe and comfortable environment for living and learning. “Asian rats have become a serious problem here at the school,” said Ross Yuan, spokesperson for Sino-Canada. The school has recently purchased 500 glue traps to help remedy the problem. Lucy Wang, a 12th grade student at Sino-Canada High School, Wujiang, commented: “Rats are just a small problem, we’re all used to then now, they’re everywhere.”

  4. Gavid Gunn says:

    CCIEE, aka, Edukeys, PGA, are all one and the same. I worked for this company and they never paid my airline ticket. The airfare allowance was 8,000 rmb. Edukeys promised to pay the money but never did

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