Gold Apple Bilingual School;

I was placed at Gold Apple Bilingual School by a University program I signed up for. The school is in Pudong and is very, very far from downtown, about a 45 minute bus ride to downtown Pudong, and about an hour (including subway time) to People’s Square in Puxi. They are building new activity centers around the school, however, so there probably will be more to do when you arrive. There are also some great little street vendors around. The school itself is horrible. The children are spoiled, there is no discipline (besides yelling, which rarely accomplished anything), and because there are no punishments for poor behavior, the kids continue with their disrespectful attitudes. Oral English classes are not considered ‘real’ classes by the students, and the school does nothing to banish this belief system. The school is extraordinarly disorganized. We were rarely ever notified if classes were cancelled, and found out only when showing up to class and finding a set of empty chairs. Although they always paid on time, the pay is relatively low in comparison to other schools. I’m still not quite sure how classes are categorized, as I had students who couldn’t speak a word of English mixed in with students who were top notch – which really made it very difficult to teach the 10th grade class. I had 27 classes each semester. The International Department is a joke. You will most likely be teaching a couple international classes. The kids rarely ever came to class and were rarely ever forced to come to class. So once again, you would walk to class only to find empty chairs. There are no F’s, and teachers themselves would often tell us to just give them average grades, even if their English wasn’t so good. The living conditions aren’t so bad – you get a living room, bedroom and a bathroom (with four sinks and a laundry machine – no real kitchen is present). I didn’t have hot water for the first 5 months of my stay, and had to take a shower down the hall in my friend’s room. There is AC/Heat however. The food is not so good, but that is something you get used to. You get free breakfast/lunch, but have to pay for dinner, which is not worth it. They do pay for your roundtrip ticket, give you a travel stipend, a 500 bonus at the end, and help with visa issues. They claim to pay for our medical costs, but it was never mentioned in the contract that we had to go to Chinese hospitals, so the costs we accrued from our initial visits to Western hospitals were never reimbursed. Gold Apple Bilingual School is very much a business rather than a facility for educating children. They are very excited about taking pictures of us foreign teachers to post on websites or newspapers – but don’t really speak to us otherwise. I would highly HIGHLY recommend avoiding this ‘school’ at all costs.

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  1. hi says:

    the oil in the food has already been used to cook other food. Ilean is the head of international department and is a stupid idiot moron. there are no rules, the living conditions are worse than what you mentioned, and it’s like being in hell.

    How do I know this? I GO TO SCHOOL THERE!

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