This is an agency that lies, cheats (steals) and neglects the teachers working for them. Before the teacher arrives at their office and signs the contract, the agency is usually very courteous and prompt – that is just an act to get the teacher in their office (in Chengdu).

Here is a list of things to expect from Sunny English Club:

1. The contract you sign in their office IS not the same as the one you would have received prior (by email). Changes are made regarding what the teacher pays for (the teacher pays for everything).

2. The salary they offer to all teachers is 4000RMB. The school pays them much more than that each month. Few teachers have bargained for more and have succeeded. They advertise 4000RMB to 8000RMB simply to get your attention however.

3. If you arrive on a tourist visa, they will modify your contract so that you pay all the necessary visa fees + plane fare to Hong Kong as well as accommodation. They will deduct the airfare from your salary. A fare that they determine since they purchase the tickets.

What you may not know is that they charge you for the trip to Hong Kong, and they also charge the schools (air + accommodation). This is likely true for all the other fees the teacher has to pay to acquire their documents.

4. They take advantage of every opportunity to skim the teacher’s salary.

5. Their legal document process is not legitimate; the teacher’s visa is rarely, if ever, registered in the city or school where he/she works. They find loopholes and do their registration in small cities that are usually hours away. This is not legal.

6. Visa issues and important documents are always left to the very last-minute.

7. They tend to hold/keep the teacher’s passport and documents. This may not be an issue for some teachers, but can be a problem if you decide to travel on the weekends.

8. They will not pay the teachers for some holidays, like spring festival that spans a few days. But the school pays them.

9. They provide no incentives; other, legitimate, agencies provide things like Air Fair, medical insurance, higher salaries, and other perks.

10. They will ignore your messages regarding any problems you have.

11. Sunny has her hands in the pockets of some employees at in the PSB and the Police. It is known that she has canceled the visa of at least one former employee who quit and stayed in China. Be careful if you decide to quit since she’ll retaliate after losing face with the school that you left. The fine for each day overstayed on an expired or canceled visa is 500RMB to a maximum of 5000RMB.

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  1. Jane says:

    please contact me. i was considering working with them

  2. Vinh says:

    I would like to share our (couple) experience with Sunny’s English Club, which differs a bit, but I think two sides of a story would be good for anyone trying to make a decision.

    1. Contract – our contact was exactly the same from the initial one they sent us via email and the one we signed in their office. No surprises for us.

    2. We were paid 5000 RMB each for 24 classes of 40minutes.

    3. We sorted our visa before arriving to mainland China so can’t really comment here. I would suggest any one else to do the same also.

    4. The only time they deducted from my salary was when I was sick, and even then they didn’t deduct from all the sick days I took.

    5. The process didn’t seem illegitimate to us. Our registration was done at the PSB in the same city where we worked.

    6. To many people the process can seem disorganised but you have to realise that this is a different country and many things are done differently than back home.

    7. They held onto our foreign expert certificate but we always kept our passports. You should NEVER hand your passport over to anyone.

    8. We got paid for all the holidays there were and also days off when the students had their tests. In some cases the school asked us to make up some of the missed classes.

    9. No incentives as such but its so cheap to live it’s not really necessary.

    10. I had issues with teaching some of my younger classes and they talked to the school straight away. Their communication with us over the 3 and half months of working was very prompt.

    11. Your working visa is linked solely to the school your working with. So, if you do decide to quit, you will need to go back to the PSB (probably with someone from Sunny’s) and change your working visa to a 30 day tourist visa. You can’t just leave the school and have the rest of your contract time touring around China.

  3. Aaron says:

    You are definitely right! The same with me!

  4. Kevin says:

    xxxx Sunny, xxxx Nicole, and xxxx that agency..They never paid me the right amount of money, they put off getting me a work visa until the very last renewal of my tourist visa when I couldn’t renew it anymore..Then during the Chinese New Year (most expensive travel time of the year) they told me my work visa got denied and I had to leave the country or go get a new visa myself. Not to mention all the times they called me at the very last minute to come renew my visa (a 5 hour bus ride)..They will make agreements with you that they have no intention of keeping (I was in debt to them for 3,800RMB because two Chinese guys attacked me and I beat them up, I DIDN’T get caught..The guy that did get caught had to be bailed out of jail by the school and they charged me for it.) They were only supposed to take 1,000RMB a month from me seeing as I only make 4,500 a month..They took the entire 3,800 from me at the same time of telling me I had to leave the country..If it was up to them I would have been homeless, these people don’t care about anyone or anything but money. Knowing how badly I needed money they BEGGED me to take this part time job making me think it would help me, but then when it came time to pay me they said I still owe them money so they were keeping it. Totally heartless people, and arguably criminal professional bait and switch artists…STAY AWAY from them.

  5. Chris says:

    Definitely don’t go with Sunny’s, there are much better agencies to work for, look around. Sunny’s are unfriendly, slimy, dishonest – they will find any tiny excuse not to pay you your bonus if you decide to leave their employment. Even the office employees of Sunny’s, Chinese people, can’t stand it there and leave one after the other, often with a big grudge against the owner. Hopefully this tin-pot organisation will go belly-up before too long, I think it’s pretty much inevitable unless they change their ways because all the foreigners and the Chinese who work for them get out as quickly as they can. So don’t make the mistake of going with them in the first place!

  6. Chris says:

    I should say, leave their employment even after you’ve fulfilled your contract.

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