Jinli Street, a special shopping street in Chendu

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Hutong Beijing

The narrowest Hutong

SanMiao Jie (street), hutong, Beijing

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Jing Ying Education & Training Center (Chengdu);

Jing Ying Education I worked for this school for 2 1/2 years. The experience was always hard, I worked hard for an OK pay but I was OK with this as I enjoy working. Things started to go down hill in the summer of 2009 when the boss assigned an incompetent person to handle the visas. One teacher has his final application left until the last day of his legal stay in China to be handed in. Another teacher was promised a visa & told that it was not a problem & to stop being worried & checking up on it. In the end, it didn’t go through & he had to leave the country but the boss didn’t even tell him herself. She got someone else to break the devastating news. In my case, I had an agreement with the boss as to my contract details but then after I had signed the government contract & got my new visa, she went back on it to save money & changed the details completely. After a long period of negotiations, we decided to part company & mutually cancel the contract. Things didn’t end there though. I was not clear on the regulations of changing visas despite asking & trying to find information & having my new school deal with it. The boss reported me to the police for being on their visa still & managed to make sure that I can never get a foreign experts certificate again.

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Lingdong School Training Center;

Lingdong School in Foshan, Nanhai and Shunde I worked at one of the Lingdong School campuses in Foshan China. Sometimes the job was ok, sometimes it was really bad: The good: My Visa was processed without problems. However, I do know of Lingdong teachers who have had the opposite experience. I was always paid on time ALTHOUGH sometimes I did have to fight for some of the hours pay that I’ve earned. There’s free Mandarin Lessons offered The owner of the school and the director, Brian and Helen, are quite nice and very responsive. The school’s curriculum and books are very easy to use/teach. The bad: Communication: I have countless stories about communication problems at this school. The management (albeit friendly) is beyond unorganized and it affected my schedule and daily work constantly. If you need a sick day (even if it’s requested in advance), you have to pay the school 160 rmb per missed hour ($23.00usd). They tell you that you’ll have 16-20 class hours per week. You will definitely be working for 25 hours class hours PLUS lesson planning time which you’re not paid for. The school’s website says that your apartment is within walking distance of the school. I’d estimate that it’d take you two hours to walk to the school from the apartments If an appliance breaks in the school’s apartment, you will have to pay for it even if it’s not your fault The Lingdong contract states that they provide you with a cell phone and free local calling. They will give you a dirty, used, half-broken cell phone that can only receive calls. If you ask to have your phone fixed, they will tell you that since YOU broke the phone, you have to pay 400 rmb ($57.usd). One of the school’s campuses (Nanhai) is located in an industrial area and there are no restaurants or shopping ANYWHERE. It’s impossible to catch a taxi in that area so you have to rely on the buses which only run until 7:30pm in that area. The teachers at that school are absolutely stranded. Several of the Tas were on power trips and were nearly impossible to work with. Sometimes they were helpful but they were often bossy know-it-alls. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays you will probably have to work from 8:30am until 6:30pm (you will get a two-hour lunch break – unpaid) Your contract will say that free internet is provided. Not true Overall, I do not recommend working for Lingdong.

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Sunny's english club is not a good place to work;

Sunny’s english club is not a good place to work one of my friends worked for sunny’s english club,and she found sunney( the boss) is a very bad women.and she always cheat 4en teachers and once they are aware of being cheated,sunny is always playing dumb.the pay she offered is about 4000rmb,but never pay my friend on time.and she used to make fake degree for 4en teachers and try to control they work for the agency.Basically,all I’m saying is that sunny’s agency is a trap,don’t jump in..

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E&A College – Qinhuangdao China;

E&A College. Qinhuangdao China I am an American, Teaching English in China. E&A College in Qinhuangdao China has been a pleasure to serve for. Some former English teachers have poor experience because most are just a foreigner employing there vacation for a salary,Losing reality of the English students of E&A, And to me that is terrible But “terrible” covers a multitude of bigger problems that are often thrown up by former teachers who are not disastrous at their job, but just plain mediocre. If “terrible” in this case simply means dull, boring, unengaged, half-hearted, chaotic or hard to understand, then the teacher needs to look ways to be supportive to the students, or re-trained, and encouraged to connect to his or her class. E&A College is a good College to teach at, But some people use different eyes to look at things so results could be a great difference of veiw. So telling an adult what they see is not of importance when I comes to a student The important thing is that the people of China has a different culture background.China is a beautiful country, and she is a rapid developing country. In comparison to some of the developed countries experiencing finiancial and cultural weakness. She still has some problems. But to me the Chinese people are sparkling with hope.And my E&A students and are China`s futures only hope. It is the teachers responsibility to give.

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DD Dragon Training Center;

MY School Ive been teaching here in this school for almost one and half year. My employer was nice and considerate I have nothing to say about them.I love teaching in this school and my kids loves me as well. Teaching in China is a brand new experience for me most especially teaching small kids. Sometimes its tiring but when you see your kids happy and learning something you feel good and don’t feel tired anymore.

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Too Political In my experience, the students at this language training center are hypersensitive to anything remotely political. For example, I got into trouble for saying, “I’m not allowed to talk about Taiwan.” After I revealed that I had Japanese relatives in my family, students stopped coming to my lessons. When I suggested that students should always carry a dictionary, notebook and pen, I was criticized for being “insensitive to Chinese culture” and “not customer focussed.” The topic of smoking came up a few times, and after I said that I couldn’t go to Chinese restaurants because I was allergic to smoke, my students suggested that I was “intolerant” and “prejudiced” against China. I cannot read or write Chinese, but all the computer operating systems and software were in Chinese, and I was unable to use any of it. I had to bring my own laptop to the office every day, and to do my work in classrooms without internet service, instead of in the teachers’ office. As a result of this, even my foreign colleagues described me as “anti-social.” Even though the staff and students have a fair level of English language skill, cultural awareness and critical understanding regarding foreigners is practically non-existent. Indeed, most of the students and staff in this operation hold anachronistic and racist views about foreigners. Because I tried to gently dislodge these views, my professional advice was constantly discredited, and I never felt welcome. Because this report is not a wonderfully positive, glowing report of experience in China, I will not be surprised if the folks who run this website will delete it immediately.

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US-China Education and Cultural Exchange (UCE);

I went to China with my friend and boyfriend through UCE, which said it would place all three of us together, which turned out to be one of many lies. Although we liked China, UCE was so terrible we broke our contracts and left. During the summer, UCE has a TEFL “training camp,” which it advertising will train foreigners how to teach English to Chinese students. Instead of that, it just dropped us into New Oriental School’s oral English classes without any kind of training. New Oriental School in Nanjing was whole other world of incompetence and apathy in itself. The Nanjing branch, at least, does not care at all about its foreign teachers and constantly mislead us about reimbursements for food and travel, and work loads, changing our classes a few hours before they started and making us travel across the city to different districts without reimbursing us, which wouldn’t be a problem if the school paid us. But since it was a “training camp,” we were getting taken advantage of for free. We found out, though, New Oriental paid UCE $50 for every day we taught, and we saw none of it. UCE itself is a horrible program, based in both the US and China. The owner is a professor at the University of Bridgeport, and cares very little about his own program. Its agents did not communicate, and so no one person could answer our questions. We had to give our information to different people repeatedly after applying, they messed up our visas and wanted to make us pay all the expenses for getting new ones, lied about which schools we could teach at, we had to ask to receive the contracts with the schools, they never informed us of changes in our own schedules, and it always failed to accept any responsibility for its actions and blamed all the problems on us. I only found one helpful person in the program, and she could not salvage our predicament because of the boss’s callousness. Working with a program was terrible, because whenever a problem occurred, New Oriental blamed UCE and UCE blamed New Oriental, and the people who made the decisions didn’t speak English (apparently), so we couldn’t even defend ourselves. Our contract with New Oriental and our prospective schools were total jokes–one page for an entire year of teaching! When I asked if I could negotiate the contract with my final school, UCE and the school ignored me, but said everything would be fine, and “don’t worry about it.” My mistakes–going through this program and teaching at an English school. By going through a program, I had to figure out whether I needed to talk to the program or the school, and because both didn’t care about me, nothing ever got solved. English schools are completely profit-oriented–classes with foreign teachers cost more than twice the amount of regular classes, and even though I had co-teachers, I did all the work. As a large school, I had to travel to different districts and the school’s administrators were scattered across the city. The classes were short durations (8 days total, 3 hour class periods) and different every time, so it made it difficult to prepare lessons. This was just during the summer–during the school year, I would have had 5 year-olds up to 60 year-olds. I learned from Chinese friends to go directly through universities, some of which have foreign teacher’s contracts available online, and to just contact the appropriate person at the school with a resume/CV/application. I have wanted to teach in China for five years, and was ecstatic to do it after four years of college. I canceled my contract with them and gave up on my dream for another year because this program was so terrible.

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The classic grand national dance drama Along the Silk Road

Gansu Opera Theater: the classic grand national dance drama Along the Silk Road

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