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Jing Ying Education & Training Center (Chengdu);

Jing Ying Education I worked for this school for 2 1/2 years. The experience was always hard, I worked hard for an OK pay but I was OK with this as I enjoy working. Things started to go down hill … Continue reading

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Sunny's english club is not a good place to work;

Sunny’s english club is not a good place to work one of my friends worked for sunny’s english club,and she found sunney( the boss) is a very bad women.and she always cheat 4en teachers and once they are aware of … Continue reading

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Lingdong School Training Center;

Lingdong School in Foshan, Nanhai and Shunde I worked at one of the Lingdong School campuses in Foshan China. Sometimes the job was ok, sometimes it was really bad: The good: My Visa was processed without problems. However, I do … Continue reading

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E&A College – Qinhuangdao China;

E&A College. Qinhuangdao China I am an American, Teaching English in China. E&A College in Qinhuangdao China has been a pleasure to serve for. Some former English teachers have poor experience because most are just a foreigner employing there vacation … Continue reading

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DD Dragon Training Center;

MY School Ive been teaching here in this school for almost one and half year. My employer was nice and considerate I have nothing to say about them.I love teaching in this school and my kids loves me as well. … Continue reading

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Too Political In my experience, the students at this language training center are hypersensitive to anything remotely political. For example, I got into trouble for saying, “I’m not allowed to talk about Taiwan.” After I revealed that I had Japanese … Continue reading

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US-China Education and Cultural Exchange (UCE);

I went to China with my friend and boyfriend through UCE, which said it would place all three of us together, which turned out to be one of many lies. Although we liked China, UCE was so terrible we broke … Continue reading

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Harbin Normal University Star College , star college of harbin normal university;

Star college is a good place for teaching , nice people around , friendly students etc.However , foreign teachers don’t get surprised when you arrived the campus and talk about accommodation ( because internet and computer are not free ) … Continue reading

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Yangzhou Vocational College of Environment and Resources;

Warning:Yangzhou Vocational College of Environment and Resources My complaint is that three times I was refused the purchase of a meal card. I got around that problem by paying cash. Two months into the term, the cafeteria quit serving me. … Continue reading

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Shandong Electric Power School;

First I wanted to mention that Shandong, Tiain is a very poor farmer city. I think teachers should do research on the city they are going to teach at as that will represent the situation of the school in most … Continue reading

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